Jun 24, 2019
Emily Wilde, HBG Development/Marketing Chair
Development of Houston Botanic Garden


Board Director and Development/Marketing Committee Chair

Worked with Houston Botanic Garden since 2014


The Houston Botanic Garden (HBG) is excited to announce Joy (Kaminsky) Columbus as Vice President of Horticulture. Joy will lead the effort to articulate and develop the Houston Botanic Garden’s horticultural program, build our horticulture team, and oversee plant conservation and landscape management.

Joy previously served as the director of horticulture at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. She successfully initiated and coordinated the development of a multi-phase $35 million campus revitalization plan, Project New Leaf. The project consisted of 500 acres, and included renovations to the historic garden framework and development of new garden attractions.

Additionally, Joy has previous experience working with the New York State Office of Parks and Cleveland Botanical Garden, and served as a research assistant at Miami University of Ohio. Joy received her Master of Science in biology from John Carroll University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in botany with an environmental emphasis and a minor in horticulture.

Joy will be working with the Houston Botanic Garden’s local, state and national partnerships to build unique plant collections and create awe inspiring gardens that will delight and inspire visitors.