Jun 11, 2018
Ted Weisgal
Robert’s Rules (Plural) and How It Can Help You Grow Your Rotary Club

Ted Weisgal co-founded the lifelong learning program, Leisure Learning Unlimited, in 1979 and taught "How to Have Great Meetings: The Basics of Robert's Rules of Order" for 34 years. Prior to that he was a Campus Activities Advisor at the University of Houston.

He is now working with the fourth consecutive administration of the Houston Independent School District Student Congress, he’s the President Emeritus of the Hermann Park Rotary Club, and was the 2016-2017 chair of the Local Station Board for the Pacifica Foundation radio station in Houston, KPFT, 90.1 FM.

He wrote the book Robert’s Rules for Kids in 2014, that attracted nationally renowned parliamentary authority from the University of Houston, Dr. Martha Haun, to co-author in 2016, Robert’s Rules for Kids and Big Kids: A Guide to Teaching Children of All Ages the Basics of Parliamentary Procedure. Now in its second edition, the book is sold locally through the authors and online through Amazon.

Ted enjoys speaking and training children and adults on democratic decision-making and the dynamic results one can expect.

He will weave into his presentation, “Robert’s Rules (Plural) and How It Can Help You Grow Your Rotary Club,” references to the books, Bowling Alone and Lost Connections. We’ve been assured that most of what he has to say is light, but he wants us to be forewarned: the impact of this subject is as serious as life and death.