Jan 28, 2019
Colleen Henggeler, Exec. Director
What is Inspiring Possibilities?


Colleen E. Henggeler

California natives, my husband and Tim and I made the decision to move our family to Cypress, Texas in 2016.  The primary objective was to have a lifestyle that allowed me more time home with my children both of whom have special needs.

After years of working for a non-profit healthcare ministry, Mission Hospital both in the Foundation as the Administrative Operations Manager, I made the decision to apply my passion and skills to helping underserved individuals within our community. As the Executive Director for Inspiring Possibilities, a program dear to my heart, I am able to be a part of meeting the needs of individuals with special needs in the Cypress area. 

Topic:  What is Inspiring Possibilities and how is it changing the lives of individuals with special needs and their families in our community.