Thanks to Stan for inviting us to visit the Salvation Army Church; we had a terrific time. We listened to and even sang along with the amazing Harborlight Choir. We ate delicious meat loaf cooked by the staff, and we toured the facility which has a sanctuary, school rooms, a gymnasium, a weight room, a game room, a computer lab, a large dining room and kitchen, and a playground.

They do such a terrific job of meeting the needs of local men, women, and children at this place. It was enlightening, entertaining, uplifting, and just plain fun to visit with Stan and his excellent staff. Thank you so much for having us, Stan!

We had an excellent turnout for the meeting with 20 members and 4 guests. Our guests were Chris Benson, Marilyn Farrell, who has turned in her application for membership, Don Endebrock, whom we all miss and hope will rejoin, and Haddie Hill, Vicki Rowe's best friend and partner in crime! Haddie actually got chosen to dance with the choir and there are pictures to prove it on the web site. Check 'em out!