Great program by Ivan Butterfield
We had only two guests, Mike Berry who was a guest of Ray Young, and Ivan Butterfield, our speaker. Ivan was once a member of Cy-Fair Rotary and is also a past president. He is currently a member of Oyster Creek Rotary Club and was here to tell us about his trip to India to administer the polio vaccine to children in Ferosabad. (That is probably not spelled right!)

Ivan and his lovely wife, Jo, went last October with 39 other Rotarians to participate in National Immunization Day in India. He told us about his trip and showed us some amazing slides of the cultural sights, the people of India, and a wildlife park. Ivan shared the information that polio down from 350,000 cases in 125 countries to 1,300 cases in four countries, thanks in large part to Rotary's joint efforts with the World Health Organization. We learned a lot from Ivan's program.