We did not have a speaker today and went over club business.

Club Announcements

1) The Mother's Day Brisket sale is coming up and Ray is looking for volunteers to help on Saturday, May 11th to assist with the distribution from 9am to 1pm at Carl's.

2) The 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil with the Bear Creek Club will be on April 27th at Carl's BBQ.

Good News

1) Brandt Smith - made through a 15th birthday party for his daughter and she also had to have 4 wisdom teeth removed the day before. Just when they thought they could relax she surprised them by informing them that some of her friends would be spending the night.

2) Ray Young - took a trip to College Station to see Faith and got her new wheel covers for her car so her sorority sisters would not be embarrassed by them anymore. Also, Shelley got a new haircut and looks great!

3) Marilyn Farrell - Kevin and her went up to the lakehouse and had a good time, however the grinder pump is going out.

4) Reach Unlimited - Came by to say thank you for the 780 sandwiches we prepared for their SpringFest.

5) Michelle - Excited to become a member and no longer be a visitor.

6) Phil Workman - will be christening his only grand-daughter this weekend. His wife had an auto accident and totaled the car, but she is perfectly fine. The bad news he will be going back to Oklahoma for a few months.

7) Charlie Durrenberger - had a lot of issues with his Samsung refrigerator and the repairmen couldn't fix. Then they bought a replacement Samsung, but should not have bought the same brand because the new one doesn't work. On top of that the dryer is no longer working.

8) Keith Peterson - finished painting the inside of the house this week. Also, will be trying to fix his dryer by himself with a youtube video.