Today our speaker was Derek Marchant, who is the club's Global Grant Scholar winner. He will be attending a year at the University of College London. He will be studying Environmental Systems Engineering to help with water treatment and sanitation. He spoke to us about his family background, his time at the West Point Academy and what his future plans are.

Club Announcements

1) The District Governor is speaking next week so please attend.
2) Your Dues Invoice has been sent to your email.
3) Stan Carr is working on the club's public relations and needs a list of media contacts. If you have any contacts please email Stan with those please.

Good News

1) Justin Jenkins - Augusta National has begun accepting women members.
2) Stan Carr - Uganda had the first ever team in the Little League World Series from Africa.
3) Andrew Walker - Good news for the Texans and Dynamo actually being winning teams.
4) Rick Stephanow - PTSD has secured property easement rights to connect to the MUD District and this will help expand the amount of veterans serviced almost 10 fold.
5) Gwen Durrenberger - Saturday their power went out and didn't come back until Sunday and Charlie was not happy about missing the Texans games. Also, had dinner on Sunday with their son.
6) Kevin Smith - will not be able to attend anymore for awhile because he will be driving kids to school and loves our organization and will miss meeting with us.
7) Andrea Wiley - was showing a home in the Heights and was afraid she was going to be attacked by a truck full of guys with no shirts and baseball bats. Luckily she is fine as they were looking for someone that robbed their house.


1) Derek Marchant - speaker
2) Marianne Beran - Boy Scouts of America
3) Dr. Robert Ferguson - guest of Gwen Durrenberger
4) David Isenhower - guest of Robert Ferguson
5) Kevin Smith - guest of Marilyn Farrell