The last day of August culminated with a number of Good News reports from members.

Gary Gray asked our visitor, Dr. Ricardo Caballero, the veterinarian who owns Cypress Veterinary Hospital, to comment on the much improved medical condition of Jennifer Reed who was injured in a motorcycle accident in Colorado. Cy-Fair Rotary Club members participated in a fund raising effort to help cover some of her medical expenses for which Dr. Caballero thanked us.

Justin Jenkins announced that he had Rotary shirts for those members who ordered them and to see him after the meeting.

Abdul Tamimi and Ted Lewis expressed pleasure that the enrollment at Lone Star Cy-Fair College for the fall semester exceeded expectations with approximately 14,900 students enrolled.

Vickie Botkin mentioned that she and her husband recently returned from Hot Springs, Arkansas, and had purchased some property there for their future retirement--not any time soon though. In addition, she mentioned that her daughter living in Chicago started her new job today.

Mike Hoke indicated that he returned from an enjoyable trip to San Francisco, and admitted that he didn't have any trouble walking up and down those hills.

Vicki Rowe informed everyone that she started a new job as a book rep for Glencoe Publishing Co. today.

Finally, Ray Young mentioned that he has started his vegetable farming project and was counting on the weather to cooperate.