The Board held its regular meeting on June 9th.
Glen Rowe reported on the present financial state of the club. More information is needed in order to determine which members have paid dues and which have not. Justin Jenkins will provide information about checks that are missing. Glen suggested that in the upcoming year invoices be delivered via Clubrunner and that checks be recorded on a spreadsheet. He and Tom will work with Vickie to get the books set up for the coming year. Keith will work on the budget. Glen reiterated that funds cannot be commingled between operating and fundraising accounts. The board voted to make the signatories on the bank account for the upcoming year Vickie Botkin, treasurer, and Keith Peterson, president.

Keith presented the organizational chart and asked for input. People suggested revisions and additions. The completed chart will be posted on the Web site.

A district simplified grant application for shelving for Cypress Assistance Ministry was presented by Vicki Rowe. She and Mike Hoke met with Joan Christiansen to determine the needs. Vicki completed the grant application and the board approved it. Keith will sign and submit it to the district. Vicki Rowe and Vickie Botkin were chosen to oversee and manage the project funds if we receive said grant.

Keith asked that everyone complete his/her portion of the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs by June 16th and email it to him.

Tom presented Mike Castro's request for a leave of absence in the fall because of conflicting course work in his graduate program. The board approved his application.

The board discussed the 4 Way Test Essay Contest for the upcoming year. Glen announced that he is the chairman of the District level contest this year. He encouraged us to hold this contest because he plans to ask the clubs to send their best essays to the district competition. The board voted to continue the four $1,000 scholarships.

The board also approved the support of an exchange student in the upcoming year in the amount of $2,100. Glen will seek support of the second student from Heights Rotary Club.

Marilyn Farrell's application for membership was approved by the board. She is sponsored by Glen Rowe.

D. Ray suggested that we make our club such an integral part of the community that community leaders like Dr. David Anthony would want to join our club. We need to think bigger!

Keith went over the Planning Worksheet for the Club Admin Committee with the board. He would like the rest of planning worksheets done by the next board meeting.

Vicki suggested that we eliminate the $250 prizes from the raffle. The board voted to do this.

Tom adjourned the meeting.