We had a lively meeting with a trio from Bear Creek Copperfield performing Christmas Carols and leading our club in singing along. Visitors included Sandra Peterson, Verna Hoke, Larry Cockman (who has applied for membership), Wayne Beaumier, Sherry Reiland, Stephanie and Rebecca Cervantes, and Jacob Scheel-Bech, our exchange student from Denmark.

The trio was composed of Jim Baker, Doc Green, and Jazz Duarte. They brought along a fan, Scott Streen.

Good news included Jacob sharing that he had visited the smallest town in Texas, gone up in Vicki's dad's airplane, and ridden a four wheeler when we went to Powell for an early Christmas.

Sandra was happy that their dog Annie had encountered a skunk and not gotten sprayed.

Vickie Botkin had a great time on her cruise and is enjoying having her two kids here, even though her food bill is high!

Gwen shared information about the goodie bags for District Conference and Glen passed out the raffle tickets to sell for the 2010 Prius.

Mike Castro reminded us that the date of the road clean up is January 9th. This will be our first service project of the new year. Please sign up online.