Today our speaker was Terry Ziegler and Terry spoke to us about several things involving the Rotary Foundation.

Club Announcements

1) Mick Stafford is our newest Rotary Club Member.

2) CAM Sack Pack is this Friday the 12th at 5pm.

3) The Salvation Army Bell Ringing is this Saturday the 13th at the Walmart on Hwy 290 and Cypress-Rosehill.

4) The CAM Christmas Boxing is on Saturday the 20th starting at 9am and should last until 12pm.

5) There will be no Club meetings on December 22nd or 29th.

Good News

1) Keith Peterson - Happy Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving wasn't no drama, but it was low drama. This weekend Keith saw Killeen High School play football for the first time in 15 years and they won.

2) Mike Castro - As a California native he was proud that the Oakland Raiders beat the San Francisco 49ers.

3) Gwen Durrenberger - Brought a picture of her new grand-baby. One of her good friends had a gun pointed to her head at the Memorial City Mall this weekend.

4) Marilyn Farrell - One of her late husband's niece-in-law's came down to visit and she underestimated the amount of miles between Dallas-Austin-Houston. She met her at the lake house in Austin and had a great visit.

5) Kevin Smith - Kevin accidentally forgot about the 30 mph zone on Jarvis and was pulled over for speeding. Thankfully the officer only gave him a warning.

6) Virginia Carlton - She had a Christmas party in Lufkin on Saturday and for those that don't know not all Elvis impersonators are good. Left there and went to her son's 52 birthday.

7) Mike Flowers - He just signed the contract to tile his backyard patio.