The December Board meeting was primarily a budget discussion and firming up the slate of officers for next year. The club will be asked to vote on the following officers at one of the December meetings.

President - Gary Gray
President Elect - Justin Jenkins
Secretary - Vickie Botkin
Treasurer - Marilyn Farrell
Sergeant at Arms - Alan Brevard

There are five committees that also help to run the club. They are Club Administration, Membership, Public Relations, Service Projects, and Foundation. If you have an interest in serving on one of these committees, please tell Gary Gray. He will be making the decision about who will head up each committee and who will be assigned to what committee.

The Board decided to make Mike Hoke our CAM liaison and he will work with the Service Project Chairman to be sure that CAM and Reach are covered.

There were some budget issues that were resolved. Our Unicef contribution has been paid. All vendors have been paid for the fundraiser. We now have PayPal available for members to use to pay dues. If you would like to do this, talk to Vickie Botkin.

The Board voted to more than match the monies collected for the Salvation Army last Saturday. We will bring the total to $1000.

A vote carried to make every member a Paul Harris Sustaining Member by contributing the $100 a year for every member. Most of our members opt to pay this amount, but a few do not. The Board felt that it is important to have 100% Paul Harris Sustaining Members, so the board will be picking up the tab for those who can't or don't choose to do so.

The Board also approved sending four students to RYLA in February at a cost of $250 each. D. Ray will contact the Cy Woods Interact students, and Vicki Rowe will let Jersey Village know.

Vicki Rowe will contact the Baytown Rotary president to find out about our commitment to their water project.

At Monday's meeting, we will be presenting a check for $250 to Gabby, the Carl's employee who sets up our room and cleans up after us each week.

Members who are in arrears will be contacted. If they are not able to pay dues, they must be dropped from our roles.

It was decided that Justin Jenkins and Vickie Botkin will attend the Gulf Coast Leadership Seminar at the end of January. The club will pay for this. Gary expressed the opinion that all of our members in leadership roles need to attend this program in the future.

We will begin a campaign in January to get all members registered for the District Conference in April.