Posted by Marilyn S Farrell on Mar 26, 2018
We were honored to have Dr. Mark Henry, Superintendent of Schools for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, address our club today.  He was humorously introduced by his friend and Rotarian Wayne O'Quin for Northshore Rotary. "Strong public schools help support a growing, thriving community."  This statement is reflected in the Cypress area, where all schools meet standards set by the TEA; the same programs are taught at all schools, so every student is given the opportunity to succeed.  The statistics are overwhelming: 117,000 students, 12 high schools, 8,000 graduates in 2017, third largest district in Texas, 22nd largest in country, 100 languages spoken, 83,000 students transported to/from school each day.  We thank Dr. Henry for his service to our children and to the local community.