Today we had no scheduled speaker. The President of the Club, Mike Castro, held a Club Assembly. Mike spoke to us about the results from the club's Strategic Planning Meeting and the goals of the club going forward.

Club Announcements

1) CAM Sack Pack is February 14th at 5:00pm.

2) Our Club Social is this Saturday, February 8th. You should have received an email invitation from Brandt Smith.

Good News

1) William Peroni - Our former exchange student from Brazil made a surprise visit and was glad to be joining us.

2) Virginia Carlton - She was not able to be at the meeting last week as she was visiting Florida. The bad news was she got stuck in Florida in snow. You read that right snow in Florida.

3) Brandt Smith - Worst Super Bowl he's ever seen. His daughter's good friend sold her pig at the FFA show, but has developed such a strong relationship that she won't eat pork. However her daughter does not fail to let her know how much she enjoys bacon.

4) Alan Brevard - Saturday his son participated in the UIL competition and was worried about his braces causing some discomfort, but ended up doing well. Also, his "friend" invited his son to church on Sunday and they met her and Alan was laughing at the reaction of the girl's face when they walked in. According the the "friend's" mother she can't date until she's 16.

5) Mike Reiland - Saturday was the Cy-Fair FFA Show and Sale. The grand-champion steer sold for $50,000. Mike bought some rabbits and a pig.

6) Keith Peterson - His guest, Heidi, who was a former exchange student host in interested in joining the club.

7) Mike Castro - Was happy to see the Seahawks win. As a long-time Raiders fan the Broncos are a division rival. Any one playing his enemy is his friend.