Ten people shared good news with the club.
1. Ray's wife left him again (no one seemed surprised) - to accompany their daughter Faith to a volleyball tournament in Atlanta where the girls took the Bronze division

2. Charlie told us that his eye surgery had given him "brand new eyes."

3. Sue has found a neurologist in this area who has given her great hope of being much better in the near future.

4. Vicki was delighted that her boss told her she is his best employee yet!

5. Ravi is finally back having found a good nanny for little Ravina and an excellent nanny cam that the nanny doesn't care much for!

6. Stan was back from Army Camp in Midlothian, having kept up for a weekend with 560 teenagers, and feeling much rejuvenated.
7. Gwen is back in the saddle with her real estate career since Charlie is so much improved and listed a beautiful house this week.

8. Tom's daughter, Claire, having been recruited by the track coach, learned to triple jump, went to a meet three days later, and took first. We think she may be a natural! Her time in the mile is an undisclosed secret that the coach is salivating over.

9. Mike Hoke went to a ribbon cutting ceremony and met somebody who is coming to Rotary with him next Monday.

10. Mike Berry, Ray's guest, shared that Monday the 6th was his son's birthday.