Our good news coffers are brimming over with dollar bills once again.
Charlie shared that he gave his car to his grandson so that he could drive to college. He and Gwen had to leave early for a doctor's appointment.

Alan was very happy that he has moved his office and settled in at his new space.

Jim's son Parker enjoyed playing on the All-Star Team and acquitted himself quite well. Out of 19 runs, Parker hit 35% of them. He and his dad are now working on hitting fastballs in preparation for next season.

Vickie's daughter who graduated two weeks ago left her passport in Brussels, but a kind man was able to call the contact number that Vickie had insisted she write down, and thus she was able to retrieve it and continue her European tour. Moms are always right!

Stan's son, Ian, is headed to Midlothian to work at the Salvation Army camp there. He will have the arduous task of supervising 30 teenaged girls in the camp dining hall. We all extended our deepest sympathy!

Abdul's mother-in-law is back from Kuwait.

Gary pointed out that the 50/50 pot total is over $450 and we are down to 14 cards.

Gary also shared that Mike Schuster, a firefighter, lost both legs in a drunk driving accident. He suggested that we give him the Firefighter of the Quarter award.

Tom read a thank-you note from Zach Sledge, a 4 Way Test Scholarship recipient. He appreciated Ted's being at his awards ceremony at Cy-Woods to present him with a certificate. Thanks, Ted!

Gary announced that we had 22 members present last week and 22 again this week. That's about 75% attendance. Pretty good, but we can do better!