Members share Good News!
Stan Carr mentioned that it was nice to be back home after an extended vacation and he also shared that his son had recently found a job in his academic field--broadcasting.

Justin Jenkins happily informed everyone that the Dallas Cowboys won their first game and that he has recently moved his banking office to 1960 and Wunderlich and has even gotten an assistant to help him with his duties.

Tom Benson suggested that everyone needs to see a new movie that's out entitled "Extract" and pay particular attention to the portrayal of a Rotarian in the movie.

Gary Gray and Keith Peterson expressed pleasure in the accomplishments of the Road Rally this past weekend. Roughly, $1,500 dollars worth of item donations were received from a variety of merchants for the annual Cy-Fair fund raiser. The picture shows some of the Road Rally participants eating lunch afterward at Chuy's.

Vicki Rowe mentioned the flyers and handouts that can be used to assist in receiving donations and raffle ticket sales.

John Shirley shared that he had already sold 14 $100 dollar fund raiser tickets.

Gwen Durrenburger mentioned the upcoming District Conference and encouraged members to attend.

Glen Rowe proclaimed that his Rotary member wife was wearing Rotary earrings.

David Feldmeyer mentioned that he has lost 20 pounds and feels very good and he also asked that his wife be kept in members' thoughts and prayers as she goes through a painful bulging disk problem.

Finally, Dale Worsham mentioned that he participated with the Smith Point Volunteer Fire Department in their annual fund raiser and pointed out that they raised $30,000 dollars to assist their fire protection efforts. He also shared that Alan Meek is doing okay since he lost his wife a few months ago. he is traveling and staying busy.