The April 13th program was about partnering with CFEF.
Pam Scott from the Cy-Fair Education Foundation was our speaker. She told us about the many volunteer opportunities that exist in Cy-Fair schools which we as Rotarians could help with.

One of their most popular programs if Bus Buddies, in which volunteers ride along the first two days of school each year to be sure that young students get off at the correct stop in the afternoon. After a hard day at school, many kindergartners and first or second graders may drop off or just not recognize their bus stop. Volunteers can help see that they are delivered safely to their parents.

Other programs include "Reach out to Dropouts," a campaign that also takes place early in the school year to help kids who have circumstances that keep them from showing up at school such as new babies or lack of parental support return to school in the fall. Volunteers call these kids and assure them that they can attend school and that their problems can be worked out.

"Adopt a School/Adopt a Class" is another program that our club could participate in. There is also Junior Achievement and the Science Resource Center where volunteers can step up. Rotarians could mentor students, help nurses screen for hearing and vision, and volunteer to tutor in the classroom on a weekly basis. If you want to help, Pam will find a place for you.

Pam also would like to hear any ideas that you have for other programs. You can email her at if you have anything you would like to share.