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Today we did not have a speaker and watched a Rotary video.

Club Announcements

1) Highway clean-up that was scheduled this Saturday will be postponed to a future date.

2) Thursday, January 15th is the All Club Meeting at the Crowne Plaza on Kirby and 610. Starts at 7pm and goes to 9pm. If you are interested in attending please let Marilyn know.

3) District Conference is coming up starting on April 16th - 20th in New Orleans.

4) The next Board Meeting will be on Monday, Janaury 12th starting at 11am at Carl's.

5) Alan Brevard is still looking for someone to step up for the President-Elect position for next year.

Good News

1) Kevin Smith - Marilyn and Kevin had a great time San Francisco. The weather was cold, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

2) Ray Young - His mother passed away last Saturday night and will be dearly missed. On a happier note all of his girls were here for the holidays.

3) Wayne Beaumier - The FFA of Langham Creek personally invited Michael Reiland to their fundraising event.

4) Mike Flowers - His father's brother passed away and will be in Oklahoma for the funeral. His little sister went bowling a few weeks before Christmas and came home to find her husband had passed away. Then to lighten the mood Mike made a back-handed gesture toward Wayne Beaumier.

5) Randy Kennedy - Thank you to everyone that signed and sent the get well card for his surgery. He really appreciated it and made him feel like everyone is there for him.

6) Gwen Durrenberger - Glad to have her son Charles at the meeting and he is wanting to join the club. Thank you to the Reilands for continuing to host the Christmas party.

7) Colleen Hawkins - She had a really great holiday with family and friends. Also, she was excited that Virginia Tech won their bowl game.

8) Walt Zanek - Had a great holiday and got a lot of people home safe with his bus, but he's glad it's over.

9) Mike Reiland - Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Christmas party at his house and it was a great time. Sherry thought they were going to cut down on the size of their horse herd, but he added 3 more horses.