Food, Fellowship, and Fireworks combined to make this an event to remember.
The 4th of July party began at Glen and Vicki's house with delicious food and great fellowship. Members in attendance were the Hokes who brought Mike's famous lemon pie, the Youngs who contributed Shelly's Texas caviar, the Durrenbergers who brought a wonderful shrimp dip, the Grays with Ou's amazing potstickers, and the Petersons with Sandra's very popular ice cream sandwich cake.

Other guests included Art Rujiratanakul, our Thai exchange student, and his host families, the McHughs and the Scotts. Another family interested in hosting in the future, the Wheelers, also attended. The Hills, friends of Glen and Vicki, came also.

Even though it was plenty hot, folks hung out in Glen and Vicki's shady backyard and patio where Glen grilled delicious hot dogs and juicy hamburgers. Vicki made sure that guests in the house had plenty to eat and drink and took some great pictures. Check them out in the gallery.

About 8:30, the less-adventurous guests departed for home, while the Petersons, Hokes, Grays, Rowes, and three teens, including Art, went to Sam Houston Race Park where the cool night air and refreshing breezes made the spectacular fireworks display even better. We relaxed on blankets and in lawn chairs and enjoyed the amazing display of pyrotechnics. All in all, it was a great celebration of our country's independence.