Today our speaker was Julius DeBroeck, MD. Dr. DeBroeck spoke to us about the Ebola virus scare and some of the facts around it.

Club Announcements

1) Alan Brevard received his Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

2) December 12th is the next regular Sack Pack at Cypress Assistance Ministries.

3) December 13th will be the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.

4) December 20th is the Cypress Assistance Ministries big Christmas Box Packing.

5) There will be no regular meeting on Monday, November 24th.


Good News

1) Marilyn Farrell - Excellent Fundraiser the other night. We did well and had a great time. We missed everyone that wasn't able to make it.

2) Justin Jenkins - Missed last weeks meeting because he took his daughter deer hunting for the first time. We saw lots of animals and even shot a rabbit, cooked it and the kids loved it.

3) Randy Kennedy - Way to go Texas A&M beating #3 Auburn.

4) Julius DeBroeck - His daughter who is an attorney just received a promotion and his other daughter just past her comprehensive exam.

5) Gwen Durrenberger - Excellent work by everyone on putting on an excellent Fundraiser.

6) Mike Flowers - Just booked their second vacation for 2015 at St. Lucia in December. Great news from the Wellness Clinic since his weight loss. His cholesterol has dropped from 233 to 180.

7) Mike Castro - Way to go for the Longhorns beating West Virginia.