Our speaker from the Harris County Sheriff's Department was unable to attend.

Club Announcements

1) The Grand Prize winner, Clay Malendez, of our annual club fundraiser was presented his check of $5,000.

2) Christmas Party is at Reiland's on December the 9th at 3:00pm.

Good News

1) John Shirley - Baylor won their football game.

2) Mike Castro - Traffic on the way to San Antonio on I-10 was a nightmare, but he made it back safely.

3) Justin Jenkins - Had a good time off deer hunting and his wife suprised him with a trip to New Orleans for his 30th birthday.

4) Alan Brevard - Happy that we now have our 2nd and 3rd host families for our exchange student and the cattle rancher drove through and feed his cows at his deer blind at 8:00am.

5) Keith Peterson - Paid for Justin's good news and his wife did the same surprise trip to New Orleans in 1986. His friend that was with him in a cab told the driver thanks a lot "Reggie" after the drive because he saw a "Reggae" sign.

6) Ray Young - enjoyed having all 3 of his daughters at home for Thanksgiving.


1) David Eisenhower

2) Gary Eisenhower

3) Heather Eisenhower

4) Linda McFadden - guest of Gwen Durrenberger

5) David Carter - guest of Ray Young

6) Clay Malendez - winner of fundraiser raffle