Today’s speaker was Pam Scott, Director with Partners in Education for the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.

Club Announcements

1. All remaining raffle tickets are due Thursday, November 8th to Ray Young’s office 17230 Huffmeister, Suite A. Bring them to his office prior to the close of business.

2. Staples can print you Rotary Business Cards (color $43.00 for 500 cards)

3. Fundraiser: THIS SATURDAY, November 10th. Be sure to wear your nametag and bring a dessert!

4. Congratulations to Rick Stephanow and his efforts to secure a Toyota Sienna to the PTSD Foundation.

Good News

1. Mike Reiland- Sold 6 out of 10 tickets, and keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers for his procedure on Wednesday

2. D. Ray Young- Enjoyed watching his daughter Faith in the Pigskin preview show, in Waco at the game with his wife and the tailgate with Abby’s sorority. (and killed a fly or two)

3. John Shirley- Daughter’s group won the pigskin review, Baylor won!

4. Charlie Durrenberger- Texas deserved to win!

5. Virginia

6. (I apologize, I couldn’t recognize the voice in the recording) Cy-Fair’s marching band advanced to state, Susan’s Aunt and Uncle are celebrating their 50th anniversary

7. Justin Jenkins-Prepaid to get the Cowboys to win

8. Andrew Walker-Sam Houston won!

9. Gwen Durrenberger- Youngest grandson turned 20 today!

10. Maryiln Farrell- Will be missing the fundraiser but will finally be able to get to New York to lay her brother in law to rest.

11. (I couldn’t hear on the recording one of the good news reports)

12. Andy Wiley- Will be in Hawaii for her sister in law’s birthday


1. Elaine Colmbs-District Treasurer

2. Jim Boyd-

3. Ed Driscol-

4. Pam Scott- Speaker

Other news

Jerry Albrecht won the weekly raffle!

Today was the second announcement for prospective member Scott Sheppard.