Our speaker was County Commissioner, Jack Cagle. Mr. Cagle spoke to us about things happening in the district such as the roadway construction for Hwy 290, Hwy 249 and the Grand Parkway.

Club Announcements

1) The club still needs additional home sponsors for our exchange student.
2) Update on the fundraiser ticket sales is that tickets sales are up to $2,800 and one $500 sponsorship.
3) The Greens Bayou trash pick up is on October 13th. If you would like to volunteer please contact Mike Castro.
4) After CAM Sack Pack this month Marilyn Farrell is having a club social at her house that is "Cajun" pot luck themed.

Good News

1) Lloyd Culp - Glad to have Clint Horn at the meeting and glad to have Jack Cagle attending as well.
2) Mike Castro - Is not eligible for retirement in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.
3) Clint Horn - Glad to bring the $1,300 dollars for their half of the youth exchange student.
4) Marianne Beran - The Aggies won.
5) Andrea Wiley - Her daughter and her son-in-law participated in the Tri-Athlon at Towne Lakes. Her daughter came in 6th and her son-in-law came in 2nd.
6) Andrew Walker - Sam Houston State won.
7) Rick Stephanow - broke ground on the next two resident buildings and his daughter put in a 14 hour day for a horse training seminar in Cat Springs.
8) Ray Young - Jack Cagle was his best Sunday school teacher he ever had. Also, Katelyn went on a mission trip to Nicaragua with Living Water International and also went to the Gala in which the driller she worked with was the guest speaker.


1) Jack Cagle - Precinct 4 County Commissioner
2) Ella Edmondson - Commissioner's Office
3) Judi Albrecht - Guest of Jerry Albrecht
4) Homer Ford - Guest of Jerry Albrecht
5) Clint Horn - Heights Rotary Club
6) John Riley - Glascow Kentucky Rotary Club
7) Linda Holt - West University Rotary Club


Clint Horn bringing the check for the Youth-Exchange Student.