Today our speaker was Wayne Staton. Wayne is a Polio survivor and he spoke to us about the disease as well as Rotary's Polio Plus program.

Club Announcements

1) CAM Sack Pack is Friday, November 15th at 5:00pm.

2) The Annual Fundraiser is right around the corner on Saturday, November 16th at the SPJST Hall.

3) Quarterly Membership Dues are due.

4) Please sell tickets for the Fundraiser!!! Also, if you have any auction items please contact Marilyn.

5) Alan Brevard is still looking for a host family for our exchange student by December.

Good News

1) Alan Brevard - Took his son to his first Texas A&M football game and had a great time, except for the drunk Vanderbilt fan behind them.

2) Justin Jenkins - Excited about his newborn son Austin Luke who is now 1 week old.

3) Justin Baker - Had a great Ribbon Cutting. Appreciates all the Rotarians that came and a lot of people showed up.

4) Curtis Lamontaine - Had a great reunion at a church campground in Hillsboro. It was great to see everyone again.

5) Kevin Smith - Had a wonderful weekend and celebrated Marilyn's parent's 65th wedding anniversary.

6) Mike Flowers - Celebrated his 62nd birthday! Had a successful HOA Halloween event. His son just started his new business and has already struck his first deal that will net him $23,400 in profit.