Today our speaker was Ogie Shaw. Mr. Shaw spoke to us about obesity, exercise and nutrition.

Club Announcements

1) Cy-Fair Salute to the stars is on Thursday, October 17th and the club plans on having 4 tickets. If you would like to attend please let Mike Castro know.

2) Interact Round-Up is this Saturday. If anyone would like to attend please let Mike Castro know and he can give you more information. It's supposed to be at Klein High School from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

3) Next Monday morning there will be Club Board Meeting at 11:00am before the regular meeting at Carl's BBQ.

Good News

1) Justin Jenkins - His family had a great time at Dewberry Farms over the weekend.

2) Brandt Smith - Glad to have been in town the past two weeks and only one of his football teams got crushed.

3) Alan Brevard - Alan and his son finished his diving certification over the weekend.

4) Virginia Carlton - The Saints and LSU won over the weekend!

5) Marilyn Farrell - Kevin and her made a trip for her niece's wedding in Baton Rouge. They left on Thursday night and only made it as far as Delta Downs. They went to a bar because her niece's boyfriend's band was playing there. The good news was they only lost $40.

6) Gwen Durrenberger - Tuesday morning one of their tenants called and their house was flooding. The plumber found a break in the main 15 feet under the house. After digging a huge hole and large bill the pipe is fixed.