Our speaker was, Jack Hudson, with CenterPoint Energy. He spoke to our club about Hurricane preparedness and what CenterPoint does during disaster relief.

Club Announcements

1) Mike Castro sent out an email to everyone with a sample letter for the fundraiser to send to clients, friends and family. Also, he sent out a Chamber roster to help solicit sponsors.
2) CAM is this Friday at 5:00pm!!!!
3) September 27th is the district all-club meeting.

Good News

1) Justin Jenkins - Cowboys, Texans and Bearkats won their football games.
2) Keith Peterson - on his dove hunting trip his friend's dog never went hunting and then suddenly he started retrieving birds and he asked "Did you read a book last night?"
3) John Shirley - had a chance to speak with Clay Walker on the sideline of the Texans game.
4) Marianne Beran - a close family friend passed away while fishing in Alaska in his 80's.
5) Marilyn Farrell - took Kevin to his first tail-gating trip to LSU and while moving Kevin, his grand-daughter had to have stitches on her head because she ran into the Uhual bumper.
6) Rick Stephanow - was able to take two young men with disabilities on their first dove hunt. This was his 73rd person he has taken on their first hunt.
8) Virginia Carlton - thanks to Ray's secretary for making new Rotary brochures.


1) Jack Hudson - speaker
2) Godfrey Hubert - guest of Jerry Albrecht
3) John O'Neil - guest of Rick Stephanow
4) Robert Furgeson
5) David Eisenhower