Today's speaker was Khris Woldy from the Houston SPCA. She spoke to us about the center and ways to help the adoption center.

Club Announcements

1) Stan Carr needs volunteers to register families for the Salvation Army Toy Drive.
2) Board Meeting is this Thursday, September 20th at 5:30pm in Keith's office.
3) Gabriel Aguilar needs any suggestions you may have for speakers.
4) Mike Castro set up the teams for the fundraiser. *Team names subject to change* They are as follows:

Team John Shirley
    Team Justin Jenkins   
1) Virginia Carlton    1) Marilyn Farrell       
2) Andrea Wiley       2) Marianne Beran     
3) Gwen & Charlie    3) Chris Perry            
4) Alan Brevard        4) Rick Stephanow     

Team Ray Young     Team Keith Peterson
1) Gabriel Aguilar    1) Mike Castro
2) Andrew Walker   2) Mike Reiland
3) Lloyd Culp           3) Jerry Albrecht
4) Stan Carr            4) Tom Benson

I think these are right. I had to go off memory a little bit.

Good News

1) Stan Carr - Last weekend he was in Atlanta for the induction of his son and daughter-in-law into the Salvation Army seminary. Also, last week Debbie had cataract surgery and his oldest daughter and youngest grand-daughter are coming on Saturday to surprise her to help with the recovery time.
2) Charlie and Gwen Durrenberger enjoyed the Hummingbird Festival.
3) Ray Young - Planted 18 tomato plant seeds and 6 have already come up. The price of tomato plants was too high.


1) Khris Woldy - Speaker
2) Easy Ojonta - President of Bear Creek/Coppefield Rotary
3) Judi Albrecht - Guest of Jerry Albrecht
4) Tom Blotzzer
5) Chuck Farnham