Today our speaker was Raymond Howard from Legend Oak Health Care. Raymond shared with us about the Assisted Living industry as well as the services Legend Oak offers.

Club Announcements

1) Our District Governor visit is next week. Please make every effort to attend.

2) The dinner on the deck of The Battleship Texas is Saturday, October 11th. If you would like to attend you can let Marilyn know or register online.

3) Friday, October 17th is the next CAM Sack Pack.

4) Please sell tickets for the Fundraiser.

Good News

1) Justin Jenkins - Had a great time at his annual dove hunt in McAllen, TX. The most memorable moment was when a thought to be shot bird flew out of someone's bag and tried to fly away.

2) Mike Castro - The City of Jersey Village has been in a lawsuit with TXDOT over the 290 expansion and the judge ruled in Jersey Village's favor.

3) Brandt Smith - Had a great time at the Rotary Wine event last Saturday night.

4) Wayne Beaumier - Wayne had good news, but I couldn't understand the audio.

5) Gwen Durrenberger - Gwen wanted everyone to know squirrel season is open at her house because they won't stop eating her pecans.