We accomplished so much in such a short time!
According to the director of Small Steps on De Pelchin in the First Ward, our members and their spouses and families made a four-year wish come true last Saturday. We were able in a mere 2 and a half hours to spruce up their playground and powerwash their school building. They had wanted the holly bushes removed, so that the kids could enjoy the full extent of the playground. They had purchased mulch for the front flowerbeds, and the our powerwashers quickly solved their mildew problems. Everyone had a great time, even though some of us were pretty sore the next day! Those holly bushes did not want to come out! Thanks to Tom, Glynn, Keith, Justin, Vicki, Glen, Mike H., and spouses, Andrea, Verna, Chis, and daughter, Kinsey for making this dream come true.