Tom finished out his year as President by awarding the remaining awards to those who has missed the Installation Banquet.
We had nine guests at the meeting today. They included Chris Rice from the Woodlands Club, Lloyd Culp, a former Cy-Fair Rotarian, Art Rujiratanakul, our exchange student, Chris Benson, Tom's wife, and his two daughters, Claire and Emily, and their friend Brittany Judd, Jim Leverman, our speaker, and Allen Fletcher our Congressman who dropped in to say hello and who promised to return soon to talk to our club.

Our program was an update on the expansion of Methodist Willowbrook Hospital and information about the history of Methodist hospital, the only faith-based, non-profit hospital in the area. The Willowbrook Hospital, which was begun with 68 beds, now has expanded to 119. The hospital in the medical center started with 300 beds in 1951 and now has 950 beds.

As an interesting sideline, our speaker shared that he had been the 1979 Rotarian of the Year in McAllen. We are hoping he will come back and get involved in Rotary again.

We celebrated two birthdays, Jim Hutchison's and Tom's daughter, Claire's.

Tom recognized the members who had 100% attendance and recalled that he had met his goal of adding 10 new members to the club.

We will miss having Tom preside over our meetings, but we have enjoyed his good sense of humor and fun-filled spirit for this year. We know that he will continue to contribute those to the club. Tom, you did a great job! Time to rest on your laurels, but not for long!

The picture shows Tom presenting D. Ray with the Rotarian of the Year award, a well-deserved accolade.