Keith shared the three venues that are open to us for the fall fundraiser. We have a choice of Juergen's Hall, Jersey Village Civic Center, and the SPJST Hall on Huffmeister. If you have an opinion, Keith would like to know in the next few weeks. He also offered a choice of three dates, Nov. 7th, 14th, and 21st, so speak now if you have a conflict with any of these. Thanks, Keith, for being on top of this!

D. Ray counted up the briskets sold and we are at 45. We need to sell 75, so please sell a few more and fax the orders to him in the next two days, or he may have to break an arm or two. There was some talk of unspecified and unpleasant retaliation. Don't make Ray go there!

Vicki gave everyone a "sweet" incentive to update your profile on the web site. Come on people, just do it!

Stan told us that the date for the visit to his facility will be May 18th. We will meet there and have lunch and our meeting, as well as a brief tour.