Mike and Sherry Reiland celebrate the birth of their 27th--a colt.
PP and 4WT was provided by Jerry Albrecht.

Visitors included:
Judi Albrecht, guest of Jerry Albrecht
Jim Boyd, Rotary Club of Wisconsin-Rapids, return visitor
Linda Honig, Willowbrook Club, Past President
Kathi Schmidt, Reach Unlimited, speaker
Joan Stewart, Women of Rotary
Pat Walker, Women of Rotary

Good News:
Mike Reiland - the Reilands celebrate their 27th animal (or something to that effect), a colt
Rick Stephanow - drained his yard sprinkler before the freeze - an ounce of prevention ...
Gary Gray - Gary celebrates one week with sister-in-law and nephew

Linda Honig - announced fundraiser for Willowbrook Club for next week; fundraiser prizes include jewelry, golf packages, etc
Pat Walker - announced fundraiser for Women of Rotary, an organization which was established in 1939; Women of Rotary meet the 3rd Friday of each month; fundraiser prizes include Longhorn calf
Gary Gray - Rotary board meeting scheduled Tuesday, 5:30 pm, at Debbie Youen's office
Mike Reiland - Cy-Fair Educational Foundation's Salute to Our Heroes is scheduled for February 12, 2011

Kathi Schmidt of Reach Unlimited provided challenges facing Reach Unlimited in the current political environment. Medicaid funding is a primary source for the foundation. Proposed Medicaid cuts will affect individuals with developmental disabilities. Current proposed Medicaid cuts could reduce the foundation's revenue by 34.9% to 46.2%. This will reduce funding to Reach Unlimited by $2.3 million to $3.5 million per year, a level that is unsustainable for the foundation.

Kathi Schmidt drew for the winning card.